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Later Nerds - Can Cooler Koozie

Later Nerds - Can Cooler Koozie

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Hey there, party people! Looking for the ultimate sidekick to keep your drinks cool and refreshing? Meet the Later Nerds Can Cooler Koozie - your trusty companion in the battle against warm beverages and alien abductions.

With its Roswell and Area 51 inspired markings, this koozie is the perfect shield to protect your drinks from the little green men. You never know when those pesky aliens might strike, but with our insulated polyurethane foam, your beverages are in good hands.

But this koozie is more than just a drink protector. It's a pocket-sized hero that keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature, no matter where the party takes you. Whether you're barbecuing, camping, picnicking on the beach, or just enjoying a festival, our multipurpose can cooler has got your back.

Slide this koozie onto your favorite beer or soda can, and watch it transform into a trusty sidekick, ready to fight off warm temperatures and prevent annoying condensation drips from ruining your grip. It's like having your very own superhero protecting your drink.

  • Multipurpose Can Coolers - Perfect for BBQs, outdoor parties, festivals, camping, beach picnics, and more.
  • Insulated Drink Protection - Crafted with thick polyurethane foam, it retains hot or cold drink temperatures and prevents condensation to protect your hands.

Don't settle for boring and basic. Embrace the black with neon green design of our Later Nerds Can Cooler Koozie and become the envy of everyone in the galaxy. Because when it comes to keeping your drinks cool, we're light-years ahead.


  • Color: Black with Neon Green
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