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Tooth Fairy Bag

Tooth Fairy Bag

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Are you tired of the tooth fairy struggling to find your child's lost tooth? Say goodbye to tooth hunting with our Tooth Fairy Bag! Made from high-quality cotton, this lightweight bag is perfect for holding your child's precious tooth.

Measuring approximately 4"x3", our Tooth Fairy Bag fits discreetly under the pillow, ensuring a hassle-free tooth fairy experience. No more fumbling around in the dark for the fairy to locate the tooth!

With our magical Tooth Fairy Bag, your child can now enjoy a surprise every time. Simply place the tooth securely in the bag, and the fairy will have no problem finding it. And guess what? The fairy will even leave a special something in return!

Our drawstring bag is not only functional but also customizable! Make it extra special by personalizing it with your child's name and favorite color. It's the perfect touch to make the tooth fairy experience truly unique and memorable.

  • Easy Tooth Retrieval: No more lost teeth! Our Tooth Fairy Bag makes it effortless for the fairy to pick up the tooth.
  • Magical Surprises Every Time: The Tooth Fairy Bag guarantees that the tooth fairy always finds the tooth and brings a little something special.

Don't let the tooth fairy's job be a difficult one. Order our Tooth Fairy Bag today and bring some magic to your child's world!

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