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Trippie Hippie - Set of 4 Coasters

Trippie Hippie - Set of 4 Coasters

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Introducing the Trippie Hippie Coasters - the perfect addition to your hip and groovy home decor!

These coasters are not your average coasters. They're 1/4" thick, just like a mouse pad, and made with a smooth white polyester fabric on black foam. Say goodbye to scratched tables and hello to worry-free beverage placement!

Measuring at a convenient 3.5"x3.5" with 0.25" thickness and featuring 1/2" radius corners, these coasters are the ideal size for any drink. Whether you're sipping on a refreshing cocktail or a warm cup of joe, rest assured that your beverage will always have a stylish and protective spot to rest on.

  • No more ugly water rings on your furniture - these Trippie Hippie Coasters keep your tables looking pristine and party-ready.
  • Set of 4 coasters, so you'll always have enough to share with your fellow groovy friends. Perfect for hosting psychedelic parties or chill hangouts.

But functionality isn't the only thing going for these coasters - they also add a touch of retro flair to your space. The bold black foam and white polyester fabric create a visually captivating contrast that will have your guests saying, "Far out, man!"

So why settle for boring and uninspiring coasters when you can embrace your inner hippie with the Trippie Hippie Coasters? Order your set of 4 today and take your drinks on a groovy trip!

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