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23 Window Bus

23 Window Bus

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Making everyday tasks a breeze with a touch of nostalgia, we present to you our Vintage VW Bus Mouse Pad. Say goodbye to those mundane mouse pads and treat yourself to a trip down memory lane!

This mouse pad is not just a pretty face; it offers functionality that caters to all your needs. Designed to work seamlessly with any type of mouse - whether it's wired, wireless, optical, mechanical, or laser - this mouse pad has got you covered.

Measuring at a convenient size of 9.4"x7.9"x0.12" (240X200X3mm), it gives you ample space to maneuver your mouse without compromising comfort. The premium soft material ensures a smooth gliding experience, giving you precise mouse-control every time.

  • Anti-slip natural rubber base: No more annoying slipping and sliding on your desktop! Our mouse pad features an anti-slip natural rubber base that firmly grips any surface, keeping it securely in place.
  • Perfect for gamers and graphic designers: Whether you're on a quest to save the virtual world or designing your next masterpiece, this mouse pad provides the ideal surface for enhanced precision and accuracy.

Step into the past with our Vintage VW Bus Mouse Pad. It not only adds a touch of retro charm to your workspace but also enhances your overall productivity. So why settle for a boring mouse pad when you can have one that takes you on a journey every time you use it? Get yours today!

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